5 Ways the Jeep Wrangler Beats the Ford Bronco

5 Ways the Jeep Wrangler Beats the Ford Bronco

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Everyone knows by now that the Jeep Wrangler has a new competitor in the Ford Bronco. This addition has kickstarted a rivalry, and now it's our turn to show off just how the Jeep Wrangler takes this new competition and kicks it to the curb. You are well aware of the fact that the Wrangler has been around for decades, and has never faced many problems, especially with all of the changes that happen year after year. Down below we are going to be discussing 5 of the ways that the Wrangler beats the Bronco, silencing critics who think that the Bronco is even going to be worth the Wranglers time. We are here to help you, and give you the information you need to make the best possible decision for your life.


The first thing we want to note with a vehicle like the Wrangler is how much brand heritage and history is behind it. Jeep has been offering the Wrangler, and other predecessors for almost 80 years. That has created a vehicle that is globally recognizable and beloved. Meanwhile, the Bronco has been out of commission for 25 years, meaning that while it does still have fans, the following can't even compare. Between the Wrangler and the Bronco, one of them has been killing the car game for almost 80 years, and the other one took a 25 year hiatus. You can't mess with the king of off-roading.


After you're done remarking on just how long Jeep has been cranking out Wrangler models, it's time to take a look at the community behind Jeep. Over 6 million Wrangler and CJ models have been solved since civilian production originally started. That means that it is both desired and recognized by multiple generations, and has even spawned clubs and groups, along with special events to really show off Wrangler models. While the Bronco does have a fanbase, it most definitely isn't six million strong. We guarantee it.

Solid front axle:

True and experienced off-roaders understand that the solid front axle design found with the Wrangler is much more acceptable than the independent front suspension. That's because they are simpler, fairly inexpensive to modify, more durable, offer more articulation, and it offers a more stable ground clearance. All-in-all, these are the type of axles you want when you want to enjoy the trail, but you don't want to consistently sink a lot of money into a product if it breaks.


While the Bronco tries to boast open-air freedom, nothing can compare with what the Jeep Wrangler can give you. First off, the Wrangler offers a fold-down windshield, which is an integral part of that open-air freedom promise. Another thing to note is the available Sky One-Touch Power Top, which allows you to open the roof with just the press of a button. Looking to enjoy open-air? Only the Wrangler truly offers it.

4xe future:

Jeep has big plans in store for the Wrangler, include a 4xe plug-in hybrid powertrain that is here to change the off-roading game. The Bronco finally came back, and the Wrangler is already turning its attention towards the future of electric power, and how it can help out off-roaders without compromising anything.

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Now that you've heard all of the ways that the Wrangler beats the Bronco, it's time to stop by our dealership and check out all of the models that we have to offer. These are vehicles that can handle off-roading situations with ease, and enter you into an entirely new community filled with enthusiasts. 

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